Franco Sofa

Indonesia Colonial Furniture
Indonesia colonial furniture is a kind of old style furniture – usually old style colonial wood furniture is timeless pieces. It’s a loveable pieces since along time ago, now, and later. It had its own devotee and it still has it now. It is noted in historical record that colonial style furniture was brought by Indian, Europe, and Chinese trader in 17th century.
Wisanka’s Colonial Furniture Collection
Realize that Indonesia colonial furniture has its own lover, so Wisanka makes this furniture range as one of the regular product. One of Wisanka’s collection is named as Franco Sofa. Inspired by old chair on grandpa’s chamber corner, one of our designer team developed his idea and here we can see Franco Sofa.
Franco sofa is a wooden-rattan combination sofa and carving accents on legs. It has seat cushion to make it to be comfortable one. On wooden part, we use mahogany wood. Mahogany wood is a comely and strong wood which is classified into class III based on its strength and II, III based on its durability. It has straight and fine fibers makes it easy for our professional craftmen to crave on its legs surface. It should be considered as all of our products including indoor mahogany furniture in colonial furniture range are 100% handmade.
On wooden finishing materials we apply NC (wood stain) in reddish brown color called as Pecan. This coloris assumed to be able to increase an elegant impression on this sofa Franco. A lovely Indonesia colonial furniture is presented to you. Grab It!

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