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About US

Welcome to Wisanka, one of several best Indonesian Furniture Companies. We have wide range of indoor and outdoor collections.  As a supplier, we have mission to gain long term business relationship to the customer by giving best services. Proof to by buying from us, all of my products are well known strong in construction, precise in measurement and neat in finishing. Our wooden furniture is produced from wood plantation grown only and 100% kiln dried. We already had certificate of SVLK (Timber Legality Verification System) showed that all of my wooden materials comes from plantation. We also joined Trees 4 Trees organization which is enable for us to replanting the wood used for the produced furniture. We have ship more than hundred containers a year to many country, from five continent in the word, from Middle east, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia to Oceania. We create some divisions in order to reach a wider market, namely Wisanka Daleman, Wisanka Trangsan, Wisanka Klaten, Wisanka Jepara, and Wisanka Cirebon. Each division has their own of furniture products characteristic

Natural sphere modern and simple furniture for furnishing your home becomes a tag line of our presented furniture collections in Wisanka contemporary furniture. Commonly modern or contemporary furniture is made from fabrication material such us plastic material, fiber glass material, processed wood material and etc since contemporary itself has spirit of simple and usefulness. Those materials are more included chemically steps rather than naturally process although they are cheaper and simple to be produced. There are much contemporary style furniture created using those materials, but nowadays with the growth of go green campaign sounded through the world, people would change their thought for not using chemically based material for their furniture. They move for more using naturally based furniture come from wooden and natural fiber. Based on that experiences Wisanka has proudly presented contemporary furniture style which commonly made from natural material. We already had certificate of SVLK (Timber Legality Verification System) showed that all of my wooded materials comes from plantation. We also joined Trees 4 Trees organization which enable for us to replanting the wood used for the produced furniture.


Wisanka is an Indonesian Furniture manufactory and is sourcing the hardwood and the plywood entirely in Indonesia. With the largest natural rain forest in Asia  and the third in the tropics (after Brazil and Congo) with approximately 80 million hectares, Indonesia is nowadays the leading producer of many forest products such as plywood, furniture, pulp and paper, doors and  windows etc.

These Perum Perhutani Plantations which are FSC certified, are government owned and managed with sustainable criteria.  The Indonesian Ministry of forestest and environement has granted Warisan the coveted SLVK Certification which allows to export wooden product in full compliance of the laws.The Indonesian Government strictly regulates the export for all wood products and since January 2013 the Ministry of the Forestry and Ministry of Trade of the republic of Indonesia has enforced and imposed the Indo-TLAS/SVLK scheme to assure the International timber market of the legality of its timber products. Since then the Indonesian government strictly regulates the export for all wood.

What is the SVLK certificate – Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system?

SVLK is a certification system that provides assurance that all process of harvesting, transportation, processing, and selling of timber products come from sustainably managed forests and plantations. The Indonesian Timber Legality assurance System (Indo-Tlas)/ System Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) is based on a certification approach as “operator-based licensing”.

In order to obtain the “V-Legal” documents & SVLK certification, Warisan is  audited and inspected  every year regarding the legality of the operations and process by a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). Each log purchased  is numerated and should have documents regarding its origin,  and the results of its cutting is also registered and numerated in order that there should be no hidden practices  of adding wood that has been illegally purchased. At the same time each plantation and forestry concession is audited and inspected to assure that  all wood  is harvested  under conditions of sustainability .

You can understand better SVLK – Indonesian legal wood by watching the following:

DR. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of Environment and Forestry RI:

“I believe that we, timber producers as well as consumer countries, are all concerned to stopping the threat in illegal timber trade. Indonesia has been able to develop and implement a robust system to provide the evidence of the legality of our timber products through SVLK. It is the time for regulated timber markets to accept legally verified timber from Indonesia, and especially for the European Union to make FLEGT license timber from Indonesia go alive”.

It is important to underline that Indonesia is the first Asian country that has a VPA  (Voluntary Partnership Agreement) with the EU, although negotiations between Malaysia and Vietnam and the EU are showing some progress.

By signing the VPA, timber products exported from Indonesia to the EU can be considered as having negligible risk of illegality under the EU Timber Regulation, saving European operators and their supply chains time and money. In addition, this may increase confidence for Indonesian timber suppliers and make Indonesian timber products more attractive when compared with timber that originates from non VPA countries.

In addition to carefully selected plantation hardwoods, Warisan furniture also uses metals, stones, glass, marble, marines products, fibers, and fabrics of the highest quality most of them from Indonesia please find more details about our material & finishes here.